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New Pokemon Snap

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New Pokemon Snap

Inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 game, embark on a safari through the scorching deserts and dense jungles of the Lental region, taking photos of wild Pokémon thriving in nature.

Picture this - over 200 wild Pokémon roaming freely in their natural habitat!

Capture a majestic Wailord breaching the clear tropical waters, or photograph a mischievous Aipom swinging from branch to branch. Have your camera at the ready for great snap opportunities before the Pokémon are gone in a flash.

Travel everywhere with your trusty NEO-ONE. No need to steer - the pod will move on its own, allowing you to focus on getting the perfect shot! Traverse lush ecosystems in the midday sun or during starry nights to observe unique Pokémon behaviours and witness something out of the ordinary.

The Pokémon and plants of the Lental region have some unique properties. In fact, some of them possess a fantastical glow. Help Professor Mirror uncover the truth behind the Illumina phenomenon by exploring the islands of the archipelago and documenting the mysterious luminosity!

Capture picture-perfect moments and build your Photodex! Use the scanner to explore the environment and find Pokémon hidden from sight, toss a tasty fluffruit treat to a Pokémon for that perfect photo-op, or - when the opportunity presents itself - throw an Illumina orb for dazzling encounters!

Professor Mirror will evaluate your photos giving them a star rating based on criteria such as the Pokémon's pose, proximity to the camera, the appearance of other Pokémon in the frame, and more.

Snazz up your photos directly from the Photodex by applying filters, adding stamps, additional effects, and frames for some extra flair!

Got an amazing snap of Alolan Raichu surfing on the beach that you have to show off? Once your photo is ready, visit Professor Mirror's lab to share it online and wow the New Pokémon Snap community.